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Deodorant Diversion Safe



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Weight 0.45 lbs

Uniquely disguised as a regular deodorant, this diversion safe is the ultimate solution for those seeking a covert storage option. With its realistic appearance and authentic branding, no one will suspect that your deodorant is actually a hidden compartment for your most prized possessions. But the Deodorant Diversion Safe offers more than just a clever disguise.

With spacious concealed storage, this diversion safe provides ample space to store cash, jewelry, essential documents, or other small valuables. Say goodbye to bulky, conspicuous safes and hello to discreet protection.

For easy access, the twist-off top design ensures quick access to your belongings whenever you need them. No complicated locks or codes to remember – simply unscrew and retrieve your items in seconds.

It has excellent portability. Compact and lightweight, the Deodorant Diversion Safe is perfect for on-the-go individuals. Whether traveling, going to the gym, or staying overnight, this safe can easily be slipped into your bag or suitcase without drawing any attention.

Potential thieves or snooping roommates won’t give a second thought to your ordinary-looking deodorant. The Deodorant Diversion Safe is a powerful deterrent, keeping your valuables hidden from prying eyes.

With its high-quality construction made from durable materials, this diversion safe is built to withstand everyday use. Rest assured that your valuables will be well-protected, even in the face of accidental drops or bumps.

Product Features:
• Hide in your bathroom or take with you during travel
• Enough room to store important valuables
• Uses a popular brand of body deodorant
• Internal Measurement 3″ x 1 1/8″